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πŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈ Hi! Welcome…


Steamboat,CO, 2024

…to the landing page of my website.

The name is Y. “Deemo” Chen, currently a senior at Cornell University. I like solving interesting engineering problems with elegant theories, and working on resource-constrained/mission-critical systems. For a professional overview of my work, please check out my Portfolio πŸ“œ.

I also write technical(mostly) blogs, which you can find in my Posts πŸ“.

Taking photos is also one of my natural habits, I call my gallery DeemoGraphy 🌌.

Anyway, to better know me as a person—I would say that deep down, I possess a classic cyberpunk soul. I often contemplate philosophical questions such as “What is self?” and “What is the universe?” from a rather scientific perspective. I also love hearing from people with similar mindsets and sharing their unique takes.

Oh, I also like snowboarding, 2023-24 is my 3rd season!