Inside the wide, white house, the “master” dressed in black, stands upon the platform. “Let’s celebrate the coming of our friends, shall we?” he says to the children before him. He is their father, but not by blood. The children, dressed in white, reply “yes” one by one, with planned perfect meticulous smiles.

“Sorry, sir, but what are we celebrating?”, the youngest little “stander,” said.

The “master” askance at him with unknown mean. Saying: “Oh, you people do not hear the history yet” “Surely, you must familiar with the story before the Cold War, because that’s the thing people want to tell”


“Because that is the period of good.”

“How bad after that? Are we live in good?”

“People work in Caltech found if they using quantum entanglement technique, they could transform one matter to gas in sudden, and affect matters near it, transform them to the same phase as it, they called it “Phase Assimilation” .”

“That’s powerful, isn’t it?”

“That’s why the Soviet Union let it become a weapon, and create a world we now live in”

The master points outside, the child’s line of insight follows that, ends at the giant ring.

“Do you know the Rings of Saturn?”

“Yes, the rings of Saturn are the most extensive ring system of any planet in the Solar System, that orbit about Saturn. The ring particles are made almost entirely of water ice, with a trace component of rocky material. And that may be formed by objects which come inside the Roche limit and split to pieces…”

“They all taught you in the class, right? But have you ever pay attention to this giant plate around our planet earth?”

The little child stays for silence for a few seconds, looking at the ring. Whispering by his heart: “how couldn’t I notice that elegant thing?”

 It is a huge ring, spreads 300 kilometers wide on the ground on average, around the whole planet. At the start of its formation, the heavier matter of earth first be phase-changed, projectile to the most outside the Roche limit zone of the earth which are the edge of matters comes together or split to pieces, people call it “Heavy Hand”. At that time, the self-rotation axis changed by the unbalanced losing of self-mass, divide the world to two half by the ring, 20% of USSR left the to the side which located with the USA, people later called it the “United hemisphere”, and the rest of the USSR body locate at the another, called the “Communized hemisphere”. The mass of earth still losing due to the gravity force from the “Heavy Hand” and the Centrifugal net force created by the self-rotating, the gravity of the earth is not that strong anymore.

“Yes, Sir, No man-made things could ever come close to the ring…yet, so we disconnect with another hemisphere for 80 years”

“That’s why!” The “master” suddenly goes rage, his eyes extended to large with a crazy laugh, “We live in such buildings, white, immutable. And train you to workers, works for me! To recover the freaking space industry!” He keeps himself in silence for a second, then “I know you would not understand me. I born at the period of the Civil War, really great time. I chose to be a rocket scientist, and rocket chose me. I am 87 years old now, at that time, I am only 17, 17! I am old now, getting old in such a pathetic world. And you, you are all pathetic.

“Sorry, sir… I do not understand, what you mean “pathetic”?”

“You would not understand…forever” The master goes back to cold immediately, no one knows what he exactly thinking about.”

“Should they be called children?” The master stand by, think in his head “These standers are puppets, they could only be free in their “mother’s” wombs” “At the day I become master from rocket scientist, I visited the “Red House” for producing standers, all the things happened still embarked in my head.” “Children originally tend to play and do things they like, people using conditioning to control their future behaviors, if babies tried to play, they would play a very loud shocking noise, I was shocked by that, to be honest. Then these babies would not cry, because…I do not know what they experienced, but they just do cry, after that, they just stop play and stand up for the next instruction. They become the standers. What a “beautiful” world”

“I let you go outside for 35 minutes,” The master said with unexpected


“Why? Why? Why? Why does he let me go out? Am I just said anything wrong, would I be killed? What would happen?” beta thinks in his head.

34 minutes, 37 seconds

Beta open the heavy white door, it is the first time he gets out of the house after he got five years ago. He was 2 at that time, now he is seven. The door open with the sound of old, apparently the master himself does not like to walk out.

The world is shockingly the same, Beta still remember there are some men dress in grey walking slowing when he was 2 on the street, but now, things seem to be just an older version of them, just more feeling of fade. People do not talk to each other. There is no brightness in their eyes. They are still walking dead.

“Why the master wants to go out? There are no interesting things, nothing new, just like five years ago”

17 minutes, 14 seconds

The ring still big, strong, even getting larger than before, would people from two sides meet? Do they want to meet?

“It is a beautiful, elegant”

5 minutes, 32 seconds before ship across the “giant hand”

All the people suddenly stand up, do not move, freeze, like old trees but with an unbelievable strong spirit, they are waiting for something, they look at the sky, the ring.

“What’s wrong? What are they doing?”




Beta feel there is something shined a little. Then something he would never forget in his life happens.

People cry, with a smile on their face, old men, young people, grey, white, black…

They are all celebrating. They run to the grassland stand down, smile and cry in silence…

The world becomes different… become like 80 years ago

Beta go back to the “home”, he finds the master is smiling, saying: “Our ship met the ship from another side, and we fight…”

“Our friend is back, the long depression period ends, it is the new beautiful world”

Beta look up, look at the wall, there is a maxim on there: