It’s summer night, hot, but cold inside.

The castle is full of people—women and knights. At that time, I could be the youngest one there. “What is a real knight?” the King Arthur suddenly looking at me with his deep green eyes. I did not except that, but as quick as it is my nature, I response words that I called out for thousands of times when I was an initiate knight: “Honor, wisdom, humble, never afraid!” He looked at me with satisfactory. I firmly believe those words; I already engraved them on my heart–it is my motto, but until the come of that man, I have no clear understanding of that.

It should be another banquet to celebrate another triumphant return of King Arthur—He conquered the East, West, never failed. But for today, the real star is the Green Knight. He was like a green sword, stick into the group; the ladies be shocked and run around like sheep be invaded by a green wolf. Saying he is a knight, but the Green Knight did not even bring any equip—even his sword. That is not the most striking part—He wants someone to cut his head off! While other knights looked at King Arthur, but I consider, it is my chance—just chop head! After my request, the Green Knight looks at me with a strange-looking.

Green Knight’s head was off, but he was still alive. He grasped his hair, looked at me, the thing is, he asked me to come to his place and cut my head off after one year. It is unfair! I was raging in my mind, he has some kind of magic, I don’t! But I cannot say that out loud, King Arthur looking at me, deeply with a smile.

The time in the castle could be very short, I tried not think about the promise, but the day passes, and finally comes. I must go, not only this is a promise for King Arthur and the Green Knight, but also for me, for my chivalry.

The Green Knight lives on the top of a snowy mountain, but I decide to take a rest in a castle under the mountain. The master of the castle is a hunter, he and his wife who has crystal blue eyes, long smooth black hair, and lithe body welcomed me. The wife made an unspeakably delicious borsch for me—she even put shaped basil at the top of the soup as a decorate at that late night. The hunter goes out at whole daytime, so naturally, I and the lady had a great time. It’s the joy of both, I do consider it is a violation of the motto. The night before I go to meet the Green Knight, I got a special gift—a sash could prevent being hurt. I did not think much about that.

I climbed up to the top without a little fear, I almost see the banquet of triumphant return –only for me. I saw him, took a big step in front of him, let him chop my head off. He looks at me, slowly transforms him into the hunter. He looks at me—I cannot make any sound, just a slight wave of his hands, my sash is off. Then he turns back, walks away slowly.

I know that I may not the smartest and the strongest knight, or the humblest, and I may never be. But, here, now, at this moment, I cannot turn around, I cannot return to King Arthur. I can only either live all the rest of my life with shame or die in honor, die in no fear.

“Wait! There is a head you forget to bring away.”

He stopped, turn around, still, with that simile.

I had my return, and I also realize the Green Knight could give his power to others.

After years, there is another Green Knight live in that castle.